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Guelph, Ont., Canada, February 14, 2020 — Wyndham Forensic Group announced today that Health Canada has granted the company a licence for Analytical Testing under the Cannabis Act.

The licence allows the Guelph-based forensic laboratory to provide DNA testing and analysis services for Canada’s growing cannabis industry. Wyndham Forensic Group is Canada’s only forensic laboratory providing DNA-based molecular biology testing of cannabis for licensed producers as well as for law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

DNA testing helps licensed cannabis producers identify the unique traits of their products at the molecular level so they can provide their customers with safe, consistent, high-quality cannabis, said Valerie Blackmore, co-founder and president of Wyndham Forensic Group.

“DNA testing allows producers to tell their customers exactly what they’re buying and where it came from,” said Blackmore. “Plus, as a forensic laboratory, we have the expertise and experience to ensure that sampling collection, handling and testing follows a documented chain of custody to help licensed producers protect their intellectual property or support patent applications for unique varieties of cannabis.”

Working with research partners at the University of Guelph who pioneered DNA barcoding technology, the new testing service will advance development of a DNA reference library for cannabis. By identifying and cataloguing the unique genetic markers and chemical metabolites that characterize different cannabis strains, the DNA library will help the industry authenticate and provide traceability to ensure consistent safety and quality for consumers.

DNA testing is also available as an investigative tool to assist police investigators and other government agencies involved in regulating the licensed cannabis industry and/or policing the illicit drug trade.

Licensed producers, cannabis retailers, government agencies and police investigators are encouraged to contact Wyndham Forensic Group for more information.

“We look forward to putting our expertise to work helping to improve transparency and traceability in the industry and helping producers advance understanding of cannabis so they can continue providing consumers with safe, high-quality products,” Blackmore said.

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