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Phenotypic DNA testing is now available in Canada through Wyndham Forensic Group’s exclusive licensing agreement with U.S.-based Identitas. This new technology enables us to extract more genetic information from small amounts of DNA.

Using a custom panel of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and specialized analysis software, this “all-in-one” test can identify multiple genetic traits and help investigators hone in on an individual’s physical characteristics and ancestry — all based on a small sample of DNA.

This method testing takes forensic biology beyond the limitations of other DNA testing methods: traditional tests can only identify one or two traits, and the value of a DNA sample is lost when no match can be found in existing databases. Phenotypic DNA testing allows investigators to generate new leads — essentially, creating a police sketch of a suspect without the benefit of a live witness — from DNA samples that may be years old.

Phenotypic DNA testing is an invaluable new tool that can be applied to:

  • “Cold case” investigations or instances where DNA samples are not found in existing criminal databases;
  • Missing persons identification
  • Security and terrorism investigations

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