Accredited, experienced,
client-focused service

Wyndham Forensic Group is a team of forensic biologists, technicians and other forensic experts with decades of combined experience applying leading-edge processes and methods to solving challenging legal puzzles.

Our laboratory, based in Guelph, Ontario, is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada to the ISO 17025 standard.
Whether analyzing evidence from a homicide or conducting a paternity test, cases are handled according to the highest standards of scientific accuracy, discretion and confidentiality.

Our Services

Wyndham Forensic Group offers:

  • Forensic biology / DNA testing
  • Paternity / relationship testing
  • DNA testing for immigration
  • Forensic biology / DNA casework consultation
  • Bloodstain pattern analysis (BSPA)
  • Expert testimony at legal proceedings
  • Forensic laboratory training and professional development
  • Laboratory management and Quality Assurance consultation
  • Laboratory auditing
  • Human cell line authentication

International Services

Wyndham Forensic Group also works with governments, NGOs and police services to provide capacity building, forensic training, and technical expertise to establish and maintain effective forensic science infrastructure.