From crime scene to lab bench
to courtroom and beyond

Wyndham Forensic Group offers a comprehensive range of forensic testing and consulting services for a diverse group of clients, including:

Law Enforcement & Investigative Departments

With unrivalled depth and breadth of experience in criminal cases, our scientific team supports investigators in Canada and abroad with:

  • Forensic biology / DNA testing (Autosomal, Y-STRs and mitochondrial)
  • Genetic genealogy, with safeguards to protect sensitive data
  • Casework consulting, including review of cold case files to determine new or alternative testing strategies
  • Crime scene / on-site consultation
  • Bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA)
  • Forensic training
  • Expert testimony
  • Priority service / customized delivery time available to suit the needs of each case

Governments & non-governmental agencies

We help governments achieve their justice and public safety policy objectives by supporting capacity building and sustainable improvement in forensic science infrastructure. Our services in this area include:

  • Analytical testing
  • Expert advice to help establish appropriate forensic science capabilities at the local and national levels
  • Management support in the start-up of operations
  • Long-term management support to help maintain high-calibre operations
  • Development and management of DNA databases
  • Laboratory auditing
  • DNA testing for immigration

Private citizens

Wyndham Forensic Group provides members of the general public with affordable access to the same high-calibre forensic services that we deliver to law enforcement agencies and legal professionals.

We recognize that you come to us with sensitive, important questions. Privacy and confidentiality are assured, whether we’re providing paternity / relationship tests for immigration or peace of mind, or other DNA analysis and forensic testing. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.