Wyndham Forensic Group (Wfg) and the DNA Doe Project (DPP) are proud to announce a signed contract with the Canadian Armed Forces’ Casualty Identification Program. Together, we look forward to supporting the Department of National Defence of Canada in achieving its mandate.

The Casualty Identification Program uses DNA analysis to confirm the identity of remains suspected as being those of Canadian service personnel from the First and Second World Wars, as well as the Korean Conflict, in order to allow for arrangements to be made for proper military burial and provision of grave markers. More information on the Casualty Identification Program is available here.

The Wyndham Forensic Group and DNA Doe Project partnership combines decades of experience in both advanced forensic DNA analysis and genetics with unmatched investigative genealogy expertise. Using state of the art genetic technologies, DNA extracted from highly degraded remains will be compared to potential relatives, allowing for the identification of fallen Canadian military service personnel. 

DNA Doe Project (DDP) was incorporated in October 2017 as a non-profit, all-volunteer organization with the express purpose of identifying unknown human remains using investigative genetic genealogy. DDP was the first such organization to do so and was the first in the world to announce a successful identification of any forensic case using only GEDmatch, two weeks before the arrest of the Golden State Killer. Since that time, DDP has taken on approximately 150 cases of unidentified remains from law enforcement agencies in the US and Canada. So far approximately half have been identified.